Parts Warranties

We do not warranty any product or part listed here or on our "preffered parts" page, due to the aftermarket nature of aftermarket products and/or software reprogramming of OEM software which will highly modify OEM drive-ability and reduce the life of other major components ie engine, transmission, axles. The customer is responsible for checking with the aftermarket parts company for any type of warranty implied or expressed on the product(s) that were purchased. We do not provide the parts, we only make recommendations as to which part(s) are preffered. 

Labor Warranties

At this time we do not warranty any labor services that are listed on this site. We will in good conscience under reasonable conditions perform a rework of labor if the labor service is found to be at fault, under this the customer is still responsible for the original part(s) purchased that were originally installed. 

We will leave "No Doubt"

With all this talk about warranties, Our recommended parts are based on experience and trust of these parts, we only install trusted brands from a trusted source. We are professionals and have been in this business for a combined 25years of real world wrenching with experience in different makes and models.