Complete engine builds

Complete V8 engine builds

We charge $30.00 a horsepower premium for complete engine builds for V8 engines. With a 1 month turnaround time. Does not include custom engine dyno tuning which start at $600.00 - $1,500.00 and at this time we do not have a IN-HOUSE dynometer. We ship out to DYNO shops in Albuquerque, NM. This price does not include shipping Which is usually around $600.00. This does not include turbo/supercharger installs. 

V6 engine swaps 3.8l to 4.1l stroker engine longblocks

We charge $9,500.00 to swap the jeep wranglers weak 3.8l engine and swap it to either a upgraded 3.8l or the best 4.1l stroker engine. Charge includes labor, does not include Custom engine tuning for the 4.1l engine that is required. The engine is built by 505performance in Albuquerque, NM so you know its good.COMPLETE 3.8/4.1L Jeep STROKER  JK ENGINE 285hp/310tq power 2007-2011. Includes fully ported performance heads, ported intake, valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, spark plugs, oil filter

Performace parts: stage 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 torque monster camshaft. 3.650 stroke crankshaft  (plus .250 stroke). Custom forged pistons .030 or .060 pistons 9.6:1 compression. H-Beam Rods, ACL race bearings all gaskets, lifters, freezeplugs, rod/main bearings, cam bearings, full adjustable roller rockers, nitro valves, ported cylinder heads, cloyes custom timing set. Stage 1 Cam - best torque camshaft, large tires, cruise RPM 1600 no gearing, works best with automatic. Stage 2 Cam - best torque camshaft at 1800, vehicle should have gearing and 33-37" tires, works best with auto. Stage 3 Cam - best mid-range cam, cruise 2000rpm, needs gearing, tires 33-40" tires, standard or auto. Stage 4 Cam - good mid-range high rpm power, 2400 cruise, gearing and standard recommended or converter, tuning required. Stage 5 Cam - custom camshaft supercharged or turbo - tuning required. Motor is completely assembled intake to oil pan

4 cylinder custom engine builds and swaps

Starting at $5,999.00 from upgrading to forged pistons and rods to a complete overhaul. With a 1 month turnaround time. Does not include custom engine tuning that is required. Does not include turbocharger/supercharger installs. Tuning is also required and not included in the price. Depending on year, make and model prices will vary.